For salvation, we must change our mind and agree that God’s way is better than our way. 

 “And be not conformed to this world: but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2

Changes happen when we least expect them. Changes happen when we do not welcome them. Changes usually do not happen when we try to make them.

Let me explain… 
Mitchell and I always laugh at the phrase “This Is It.” You know… like Michael Jackson’s hit movie? Only kidding. This is it is what people say when they try to create change. This is the last time I will bite my nails. This is the last time I will overeat. This is the year I will lose 20 lbs. This is my new life. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made promises like this to myself. Graduation was it. Summer was it. College was it. I thought…
More than likely, these changes don’t happen. God is in control. Not us. 

We try, over and over again to change yet fail; However, when we least want to change, it ends up happening.

My absolute best girl friends and I (who I love so dearly) in high school, always said “We are the ones who won’t separate. We are the ones with friendships that will survive the college years.” We didn’t want a thing to change. You know what comes next… they did. We all have such different lives. Brand new, exciting schools, fun friends, sisters we never had, busy schedules … all of it.
Luckily, some parts of us will never change. We each hold close to our hearts the days spent together doing nothing, our FL spring break, Bachelor every Monday night, the drama, the fun, and the close relationship. If we could do it again, I bet we wouldn’t change a thing.

A friend loves at all times 
[whether our lives have changed or not]
Proverbs 17:17

It is hard, so so hard. Even heart breaking to watch your life change before you. Change does it’s own thing. It is the rebellious child. It does what it wants no matter what you say to try and make it stop.

Despite all of this change, I am thankful.  Not because of what it has and is causing, but thankful that God’s plan is showing in each of our lives.

Mitchell and I on Thanksgiving Day

He had these plans from before we were even thought of. And that brings me peace, and thanks. Be still, and know.

P.S. On Thanksgiving, I was excited to be reminded of how much life changes by this picture of Mrs. Jere Lee, Mitchells’ grandmother, and my sister in Phi Mu. 

Grandmom, Phi Mu @ Memphis State

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