In the loneliest of places.

Twice while driving to Starkville today, this song drifted to my ears from KLove & the mouth of Jason Gray:

When I lose my way                                    We consistently forget Who we are called to live for.

When I forget my name                              Romans 8:16 “child[ren] of the living God”

In the mirror all I see                                  depend on physical appearance to tell of our worth- Psalm 139

is who I don’t wanna be                              criticizing myself, my body; prevalent in women, girls
In the loneliest places                                 College campuses- our first time away from home
When I can’t remember what grace is      We allow our mind to slip and focus on other things
Tell me once again who I am                      Show us, Oh Lamb of God. I cry for you to show us all
I belong to You
When my heart is like a stone                    When I refuse to pay attention to Your Voice
and I’m running far from home                 When I try to deny your teaching

When I can’t receive Your love                  Stubborn refusal to listen or accept
Afraid I’ll never be enough                         Will you accept us with broken hearts, lives, and promises?

If I’m Your beloved                                      I know I am. See- Song of Songs 2:13. He calls US beautiful!!
Can You help me believe it                         Will you show me oh God? I long to see the beauty You see in me.
I’m the one You love
That will be enough                                     In the end, nothing else matters.
Remind Me who I am to You
Lyrics are in black; My words/thoughts are in teal

This sweet song called me to think about my life, my motives, my dependence. Am I allowing God to show me who I am or the world?
Am I of God or am I of the world? –So thankful for Romans 8:16. I am the beloved child of a living, working Savior!
This is my prayer, not only for myself but for those of you reading this… and specifically my sisters in Christ who struggle as we all do. 
May we never lose sight of who we are in Him. Unworthy, yet beautiful, sinners who have lives abounding in Mercy and Grace- Thanks be to God forever. Amen

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