You’ll never find me without…

Every girl has those items she has used for ages (for whatever the reason) and wouldn’t change… and I love to hear what they have found to be tried & true!
Hopefully you will enjoy seeing my favorites & a few ideas that I have narrowed down as much as possible:

Ponds Cold Cream,
Original $4.69 at Target
This is a product one of my family friends, Shelby Patterson, has used for years (atleast 7!) and used to use on me every time she gave me a makeover (just about every weekend). Recently I was browsing Target and faintly remembered the smell of the face cream she used on me… I texted her to ask and she said Ponds, which I bought and loooove for taking off makeup and just feeling pampered! She also recommended Jergens face cream (from Walmart) which has a much more reasonable price tag!

Paul Mitchell Super
Clean Hairspray $17-20
Another smell I have loved since childhood: Original Paul Mitchell. This hairspray works like magic, holding curls for days! And you even get a second whiff of the fabulous smell when you’re washing it out! Although I know the price is a little high, it takes me forever to go through a bottle (I have had my current one since May) and is totally worth it!
Revlon Super Lustrous Lip gloss,
070, Glossy Rose, about $6
This shine blasted color is a find I made on my mom’s counter. It seemed she never used it, but I used it (and adored the color) every time I was home from college and finally she offered for me to take it!! It is not sticky at all, but gives enough of a color change and shine for date night! Sadly enough, my mom decided to conveniently share the piece of info a few weeks ago that they no longer make this particular color. I am currently scraping the sides of my tube for more!! Guess it’s time for a Target trip to find a new color!
 ***UPDATE: After trial after trial, & error!, Mom and I found a comparable color. Also Revlon, it has a longer tube and a different applicator but the formula of the gloss seems very similar. Must try– Revlon Rose Gold.

Shellac polish $20
each time
Absolute favorite for nails. Pricey- My dad’s input was “No more shellac on the college budget..!” If only he knew.. They just started doing toes & I currently have french!! 
I highly recommend Byhalia Nails, Collierville, TN!!

Mary Kay blush, Strawberry Cream $10
My mom recently took up selling Mary Kay and I am soon to be right behind her. This pinky rose color provides just the right amount of color to my cheeks plus a little glimmer which I love!! Great for day or night!! 

Mary Kay love lash mascara $15
This is probably my most recent discovery! No clumps, chunks, or sticking together, only beautiful lashes all day long!! Every girl needs it 🙂

Original Burts Bees
Beeswax Lip Balm 
I use this every single day, no exceptions. (I even have the boyfriend searching for it in my purse constantly!) It is a savior for dry, chapped, wintry lips. I cannot even count how many tubes I have gone through. I keep trying to find a cheaper alternative, but after years and years of trying everything available, I can’t find anything even close!
Lancome Juicy Tube,
Touched by Light $18
I discovered this June of 2010 while in Italy from my former English teacher. It looked so beautiful on and I went to purchase it straight from the airport. I adore the look of nude lips with some shine and glimmer and this gives exactly that. This is one thing definitely worth the splurge!!

I am planning to try:
Tea Tree Oil for on the spot acne treatment. Everyone raves about it!!
I currently use Mary Kay acne treatment gel but am not satisfied. Even proactive doesn’t get rid of mine!

For the savvy money saving girls out there, A tip from Mom: When buying cosmetics you are unsure about, although Target is addicting, go for Walgreens! They will return any cosmetic. Even if it has been opened 🙂

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