One year ago.

I made my debut as a singer… Totally kidding.

This hilarious, tear-filled, roller coaster of a story began last November. My friends and I (about 11 of us girls who were inseperable in high school) found our newest addition to the group… Mitchell Lindsey. He was hilarious. Confident. Classy. A total gentleman. We all loved him.
One night, Mitchell invited us over to his house just to hang around and chill. When we got there, he had a guitar in his lap (…what girl doesn’t LOVE that?!) and I had just heard a song on the radio (I think Andria may have even mass texted the lyrics to us) that I loved and wanted to hear again. I proceeded to type into “Never Alone- Lady Antebellum”.. Mitchell quickly picked it up on the guitar and I began singing.. in a low, quiet voice so no one heard. My next silly, half joking comment is “We should totally do this in the talent show!” Mitchell replied (as he always does..) “ok!” 
This is something I adore about my boyfriend- he has never doubted me a day in his life. Something I cannot say about anyone else!
Little did he know what he was getting himself into…
A month or so went by. We attended practices at school, try outs, our own practices at my house into the wee hours of the morning… and before we knew it, we were on stage. Mitchell hosted so I had barely seen him before it was time. I was FREAKING OUT. Like- could. not. swallow. Luckily, The performance went by without a glitch (well, except for that one verse M forgot to play.. but I chose to forgive him;). As we exited the stage, Mitchell ran to get dressed so he could continue hosting and I, well, cried. A lot.
When everyone asked what was wrong, I replied, “We messed up!!” …. we did mess up. But who cares?! No one but the two of us noticed. At that moment, I honestly didn’t know why I was crying.
I walked from outside the auditorium where I was talking to all my friends and family to back stage & asked Jessica and Brittany to come with me. As I leaned against the cinder block wall of my high school bawling, Jessica said, “It’s Mitchell isn’t it??” Between sobs, I had a realization/epiphany. I was in love with that boy. I fell in love with my best friend.
We always texted before bed so that night I said to him, like I always did & he to me, “Dream Big.” But this night, I followed it with, “Let’s talk tomorrow.”
Mellow Mushroom for lunch. Mitchell kept the conversation going mostly, because I was deep, deep in thought. As we left in the rain, Mitchell kept saying, “Sooo…. What did you want to talk about?” And I replied, every time, “I forgot.” (the usual for me.) I had absolutely no idea how to say it to him. Eventually, I got up enough courage to say, “M- listen to this.” I plugged in my iPhone (in his car, might I say. He drove. and paid…. always!) My Best Friend- Tim McGraw was the song that played. Mitchell’s reply, “Are you serious?” “yes.” I said timidly but at the same time confidently.

Angel Tree Pep Rally- Dec 10, 2010
Me & Mitchell as Mr. & Mrs. Clause
His reply was, “Oh my gosh.” And that was that until he dropped me off at my house and called to say “You never told me what you wanted to talk about” Oh, great!! I had been caught. Couldn’t he just forget about it? 
He came back to my house to run an errand to Kroger with me. While driving down White Road, I handed him my phone with 10 pictures of texts between Lauren and I. I knew that if I described to him how I felt, I would cut corners and leave things out.. so I had him read the way a girl tells her best friend about a boy. Minutes later, Mitchell says “Wow.” And puts the phone down. 
The next few hours were a blast!! I told him he didn’t have to say anything back just as long as he knew how I felt. We were able to spend the rest of the day as usual, goofing off and always smiling!!
The following evening, (now we are at Sunday night 12-12-10) became what we lovingly call the “but..” night. Mitchell asked if we could talk and I vulnerably and hesitantly agreed.. The conversatin went something like this, although he probably remembers it differently: “Emily, I have loved you for so long and wanted to be with you since the Arlington vs CHS game.. But…” Then came, “I’m not breaking up with her.” ( did I leave out the small detail that my best friend had a girl friend?! I in no way wanted to mess that up.. only to tell him my feeling and let him choose) Alright, thanks, great, TEARS. 
Long story short I left bawling to the Taylor Swift song that states “I can’t breathe without you, but I have to..” and said to him, “If you let me drive away, I may never come back.” Total girl move, huh?
After lots of awkward situations, nightly “Dream Big. Wait for me, I promise It will be worth it” texts, coniving girl schemes and pros and cons lists, Mitchell was mine. 
And I would say the rest was happily ever after, except for that one hiccup/hesistation of mine. But let’s save that long story for a rainy day… 3 exact months later, it became officially official. Happily ever after. I couldn’t be happier.

Sorry this post is so long & detail filled! But its so fun to watch everything that changes in just one year!!
What is different for you this December compared to last?

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