Thought Stirrer.

This is a quick, thought stirring post. All due to a crazy thought that just popped into my head.
I have fallen in love with a blog I stumbled upon recently. (check it out at – she’s awesome!! and hilarious 🙂
Tonight, I snuggled up in bed with the trusty Macbook, a glass of skim milk, and a delicious almond cookie (thanking Wanda for that recipe!!), to read a few blogs.
All the while I read I was texting Mitchell (the boyfriend) back and forth… This is the exact conversation:
E “time to readdd:)”
M “Blogggg addict!”
E “I ammmm!!!! Its so fun! like u w skyrim!”
Now let me explain… Skyrim is a game guys play on xbox that I do not know to much about. But I do know it involves pickpocketing, lockpicking, killing, etc. and M calls it an amazing collaboration of Runescape, Grand Theft Auto, etc etc. Who knows. One time he told Madeline and I, (she’s his little sis-cute as can be!) “It feels like I have another life in Skyrim.” alsoooo one time I heard “My life in Skrim is better than real life!”Although I realize he is kidding ( I think ;))…

I did begin to think. Is the feeling of having 2 lives what drives this modern age? Social Media/Networking? Blogging? Video Games? Are we a generation obsessed with being outside of ourselves?

I think so. 

I know for a fact when people read my blog they can’t see how messy my hair is, or smell me when I haven’t showered after a sweaty workout. They can’t see the freshman lbs I plan on shedding. I am just a writer. Funny to some, philosophical to others (I can dream ;)… But all they see of me is words on a page (or umm screen.) and maybe a few pictures.

I want to dare myself (and you, too!) to live a different way. Embrace friends, life, moments, more than this new tech-y stuff.
Could this be leading to a social networking fast? Maybe.

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