More Than Friends.

This is to answer a specific request from my dedicated reader, best friend, and sister: Lauren.

Apparently in a lot of my posts, I use the phrase “More on that later…” But then later never comes. So I am here to deliver the “later” on two things. 
Both of these involve Mitchell, who most of you know as my best friend turned boyfriend.

Exactly 5 months after we “made it official,” I moved into my dorm at Mississippi State University, 2 hours away from home. 150 miles from the love of my life. During this time, my “cheesiness” only began to flare up even more. We had to get creative in order to keep our relationship going smoothly. Mitchell told me many times, “I want to be present with you in Starkville, too. I don’t want your mind (and heart) to have a Collierville part separate from a Starkville part..” And I wholeheartedly agreed. 
One thing we incorporated into our daily routine was Love Letters. This is an idea I stumbled upon on another blog. (Finally found it again, Read these!!) This sweet couple started writing letters while they worked side by side at a children’s summer camp and continued the tradition many years into their marriage. 
Here’s an example:

Mitchell and I would send each other an email each day entitled “LL 1, 2, 3, etc” And the results were marvelous. This sweet piece of each other’s mind gave us a little something to look forward to and helped us to feel closer even on the days are schedules were anything but alike. I am thankful for the inspiration we found to help us make it through that first semester. 

In addition to that idea, I found another by way of Lysa Terkuerst’s blog. Click here to read her sweet words
After reading this piece of her life, I decided to give this as a sort-of gift to Mitchell for Christmas. I chose 2 small jars at Hobby Lobby, labeled them with our initials, and brought the idea up to him.

Thanks for sending the pic, Momma!

Each month, we write on 5 slips of paper thing the other person could do to make us feel loved. Then each week we draw one and do everything we can to complete that little, loving task. Little does M know one of mine says, “Browse Target for an hour!” hehe- whoops!!

Creativity can change things. 🙂

From the Lake, 

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