Month One of 2012!

As promised, here is the first of 12 monthly updates on my New Years Resolutions.. I hope this makes me stick to them!! I counted 12 resolutions which means as long as I tackle one a month I’ll be perfect by next New Years, right?! IF ONLY…!

I will have a Morning Quiet Time everyday. Only missed a couple so far!! Hallelujah. Over 50% of my mornings start in this way.. getting better- This has been sweet time with me and God… and I should really increase the time I spend with Him. I am selfish. Really enjoying “Jesus Calling,” “Streams in the Desert,” and “Made to Crave: 60 days of devotion.” As you can see, I like to switch it up.

I will attend church at least 45 Sundays in 2012. Although I was in Pickwick, TN on the 1st of January, the 8th I attended Grace with the fam and the 15th Covenant with Mitchell & his family! The 21st involved PineLake Starkville- which I adoreeee! (and recommend to all MSU students) – Truly speak the Word in a contemporary setting. & the 29th, Grace again- pretty successful so far.. what am I at, 5?

I will not drink sodas and have only 2 sweet drinks/week. So excited about this!! Makes me feel so much better. & 3 solid weeks means it is officially a  habit!! 🙂 I have had a few to many sweet teas- because, frankly, who can resist?? but not a drip (or should I say bubble??) of carbonation!

I’m sorry, I miss you too. I know its hard, but this may be best.

I will run 4x each week in training for 1/2 in April & continue after. Not quite there yet- starting hard core training February 5th (golly, is that 6 days away?!!!) But…. I have run a few times, worked out with Amy (Missfit Trainer), hit the Sanderson on multiple occasions, incorporated many 75 minute gloriously relaxing walks into my days, & lifted a lot with Mitchell! Better than lazy nothingness!
-Not a resolution, but a goal of mine is to exercise 6,300 minutes in 2012 (amounts to 20 min a day) and I am thankful I have managed to stay on track with that!

I plan on slimming down & toning up! I have lost almost 5 lbs.. excited to see more progress! All this thanks to a little friendly competition between M & I. Whoever changes their weight (M wanting to gain/Me wanting to lose) the most by March 9 aka. Spring Break.. wins!! Annnd winner gets to choose outfits for our photo shoot we received as a Christmas gift. (Thanks Val and John!!) Tune in March 9 to watch me win 🙂 If you’re lucky, and M agrees, we may even weigh in on a video update!!

I will complete 3 full semesters/atleast 42 hours (Spring, Summer, Fall) with at least a 3.2 GPA. Currently enrolled and doing better than last semester- yay!! Also, was accepted as an ambassador for Note Hall, a company that helps students excel in college, check it out!!

I will read 12 non school related/fun books by Jan 1, 2013. Does skimming count? … thinking I will catch up on this while by the pool this summer! I never stop long enough to read more than one sentence over, and over, and over. 

I will write 100 posts in 2012- That means no more week long breaks for me & lots of reading for you!!  6 posts down, this is #7 (and 8 is in the works!!). 

I plan to update you at the end of every month on my progress for NYResolutions! Check 😉

I will use only one purse for the entirety of 2012. STILL Loving my Camel Coach Chelsea Carry All 🙂 Although I am on the hunt for a new wallet!!

&&& use only my Coach planner/agenda. Going smoothly!! Organized as ever although starting to get kinda scribbly!! Must focus on cleanliness.


Mitchell & I are going to complete our jar slip assignments each week! Two down!! We had a Papa Johns/Movie Night for Mitchell the weekend before I headed back to Starkvegas. & say Joyful Noise (starring Queen Latifah & Dolly Parton) and raided Walgreens for candy pre-movie…! Don’t tell that we took 6 boxes in my purse 😛 

Really excited for a special date to Grisanti’s this Friday and Valentines Day in 15!! One of my favorite holidays.. If you care to hear the 2011 story, I’d say its a good one. Check back February 14!! Lets just say we were best friends, not dating, I received roses, he got one of his faves, and he won the competition 😉

Are you keeping up with your resolutions? I hope so!!


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