Love for Love.

When talking to my Dad a few weeks ago, we determined something. Not that it hasn’t been determined by anyone else before, but to us it was somewhat of an epiphany. We realized something about our human nature.
My (our) sweet dog, Pheobe Gabrielle, passed away December 28, 2011. To say she was loved is an understatement. I’d dare to say our love was one of the deepest I’ve ever felt. And the love between she and dad dug even deeper. If you don’t know her, this may sound silly. But she was more than a dog to us. 
Pheobe was “the only sister I ever had” and “the best girl in the world” and we reminded her of these things daily, if not hourly. She was a friend, and a confidant. A singer, even.. She never told my secrets I sneakily whispered in her ears when no one was looking. She caught every tear from every heart break throughout my middle school and high school years. I miss her & I couldn’t be more thankful for those times. 

 I love you baby.
 Oh the way she put up with the cats. What a doll. Marley needs lessons.
The world’s greatest foot warmer.

But what Dad and I talked about was the way you can’t cure heart break with new shoes. Or a chocolate craving with a banana. A popsicle would never work for a broken leg (unless you’re age 5;)
After we lost Pheobe, our hearts were reaching for that same kind of love she gave us for 9 fulfilling years.. That’s when Mom and Dad found Marley… (or nameless puppy for the first about 2 weeks… we couldn’t agree on a name!!)

Welcome Home baby girl. Phe would’ve adored you & taken you in as her own
I quote: “I think she wants an iPhone” …… -Michelle Shaul
 Mitchell & Marley Jane. They’re buddies to say the least.
She spends over 50% of her time with her heels over her head.

The rest, I’d say, is history. That little stinker brings shine to our eyes & a jump in our steps (mostly Mom’s as she lunges to keep potty time from happening on her oriental rugs!) We can’t get enough of her.

We needed the love of a dog.. A dog like our girl. Marley hides her nose in warm spots the same way Pheobe did. She hates getting her nails clipped just like our best girl.
The other day as I goofily sang to Marley “You’re the best girl in the world!” I thought, No, Pheobe is. Don’t tell Marley she is… But then I knew, Pheobe’s no longer in this grief stricken world. She’s in Heaven. And it took a 3 year olds innocent words to remind me of that. (Thanks Knox!!)
God bless these 2 sweet girls who were placed in this crazy thing we call a family.

  I’m sorry for such a long post… but sometimes all my heart needs is a good blog post.
Thanks for reading. Really.