2 years in a row.

Something has surprised me about my blogging so far. The “most read” posts are about Mitchell & I. Maybe my readers are extremely love sick, or maybe M is just better than I ever asked for. (I apologize ahead of time for the cheesy-ness. It’s my specialty… And here we are less than 12 hours from the most lovey dovey day of the year, forgive me.)

Mitchell & Lauren, Fall 2010
The Best bestfriends a girl could dream of!

February 14, 2011, I was in some sort of dilemma, state of being unsettled, etc etc etc.
The morning started out pretty lonely… I hosted on Collierville AM where I wore a blue and green dress for the whole school to see. Each Valentines at CHS, we have “stoplight day” where the students wear red for “taken,” yellow for “talking,” and green for “single.” Now, if we are being completely honest, I wasn’t single. I was in fact “talking.” This where it gets hard to explain…. Mitchell (who I fell in love with in December and ended things with later in the month) was my best friend. We could hardly be found without the other by our side. But there was still another person I was spending time with. This was on the weekend, because he was in college and rarely home… And he hardly knew of Mitchell as anything more than my best friend who called/texted constantly.

At about 10:15 a.m. on Valentines Day, I sat in class with my close friend, Jessica. I was going on and on about not hearing from let’s call him “Mr. Unnameable”… yet, Mitchell had been communicating with me all day, as usual, like I loved 🙂 I said, half jokingly, to Jess, “Whoever gets to me with a dozen roses first, wins.”

2:00 came, time to dismiss, no Valentines for me. I went about my day, setting off to Fresh Market, the place of the best & cheapest flowers! Little did I know, someone else was also purchasing V-day paraphernalia…
I was at Fresh Market buying sunflowers for my other best friend, Lauren. Because “Every girl deserves flowers on Valentines”. She was, along with me, lovesick. She and Skiler were “off again” at the time and we planned to spend the evening watching “The Bachelor”, wallowing in self pity, and nursing our wounds 😉

After purchasing flowers & a card for Mitchell (now that I think back on it, I am unsure why I bought the card at the time. M was headed to soccer practice and had no plans of seeing me on that day… God had different plans, and oh was I glad!!), I headed to All American Swim where Lauren was working to deliver a little surprise happy. (Yes, M ruined my surprise for Lauren by surprising me!!) She rushed me to the back as soon as I got there and I saw 3 things.

1. A dozen roses
2. A box of chocolates
3. A handwritten letter

Before any thoughts at all could rush through my brain, I bawled. I knew Mitchell had done this and I knew then that I never should have let myself get scared in December. I loved him.
And I still do. More today than yesterday, but less than tomorrow.
I am oh so thankful that I get to have the same Valentine two years in a row!

I hope you guys enjoy these pieces of our story, and build yours tomorrow (& everyday) too!

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