My Metaphors.

Okay ya’ll, I have become so fond of driving… something about being alone, 
just me & good music 
creates the absolute perfect environment to think.

I almost passed Starkville today, just because I wanted to stay in the car!
This is McKenzie. We’ve been thinking together since November 2010!

 Here’s what I came up with today… 

Now don’t judge me (you don’t even have to agree!)… 
But, I’ve found myself lately being a 
(or wanting to be)
You know, the 90s contraption that has seemed to vanish from existence? 
The one where you insert a tape & press play, stop, rewind, fast forward, even pause. 
All we see now are these new-fangled 
(is that even a word?) 
DVD players and Bluray where you insert a disc and pretty much get one choice. 
No need to rewind, it starts at the beginning every time. 
And will play until the end unless a remote intercedes. 
I am the DVD player, 
my life the DVD (already decided ahead of time)
my God is the remote. 

He planned a life for me since before I was even a thought in the minds of these crazy two… 
(So young and in love- I don’t think they knew what they were getting into)
Thanks for everything, Mom & Dad

And He has complete control over me.

Lately in my life, I haven’t been content with the here & now. 
I want to fast forward to a career, a classroom, owning a house. 
Or I want to rewind to those 
stress free, 
jump roping days. 
Pause, well, not my button of choice. Because I rarely live in the present.

I am learning to be content with simply the DVD player, my life as a DVD, and the Lord of Lords holding the remote. He will make every move necessary, for He is good.

Oh God, show us all when to pause and be still, when to push forward for Your causes, when to stop and when to play on. Make us relinquish this control we feel we have as humans. We are nothing without You. 

Oh so thankful to be Washed By the Water
God is merciful, and just.

Living and learning

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