Leaping :: Month 2 of 2012

-My quiet times have started to change… I feel like if I do it immediately after waking up, I am still kind of groggy, so I have been mixing it up! One night went to the Chapel of Memories on campus. MSU students, if you haven’t been, go. alone. or with your closest of friends. its such a wonderful place to feel God.

Compliments of Alex Hammond via Instagram

-Only missed church 1 Sunday this month!! February 26, 2012. And I have no excuse even for that one… I was lazy. plain & simple.

-Okay, I have a confession. My drinking has been out of control. (Not that type of drinking, Mom!!) Buttt, I did reintroduce Diet Coke. Loads of stress and this girl was needing it!!! But hey, I made it over 50 days carbonation free!! …. debating going “Sweet Tea-less” soon, and eventually just water!! But that might make my attitude not so sweet!


-My running slacked, really bad, in Feb!!! Kicking it up a notch in March!
-But I did end up at 137.6!!! Thats more than 10 lbs down! 

-I’ve been making some really great test grades (99 on my government test!!) and only missed class twice. Must get a good GPA!!!
-Still haven’t read any non school books, but gathering a list for Spring Break/Summer. Surf, Sun, Sand, and a good book!!! Only 1 week!!

I have written blogs 14 in 2012, & this is #15!!! Only 85 to go to meet goal.. 8 1/2 per month!

-Loving my Coach 🙂 although I don’t carry it constantly! During the day, I usually just have my backpack!
-still using my Coach planner, but experienced extreme planner lust as I flipped through Lauren‘s Erin Condren…. :/

Already 2 months down in this brand new year. I can hardly believe it!! How can it be MARCH?!!

Hoping February showers can bring March flowers,

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