March, September, and everything in between!

***** PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR THE WAY THESE POSTS FROM SEPTEMBER 2012 & BEFORE LOOK! They were a little disconfigured in the swap from Blogger to WordPress… I’ll fix them ASAP! -EG *****
March was a crazy month- Spring Break came at the perfect time. I headed to Destin, Florida with the family for lots of rest & relaxation!
April being my favorite month due to my birthday, brought with it tons of fun & happiness. Towards, the beginning, Mitchell & I got back together (another story for another day) but it was the best thing I could’ve asked for. I love that boy.
Closer to the end of April I enjoyed some girl time & great visitors for Super Bulldog Weekend!
Thoroughly enjoyed having you girls!!
Fun at the Phi Delta Theta house, good crawfish, football, and Greek Preview Day all in one 🙂

May let me relax a bit. Finished my freshman year of college as M finished his high school career. I was absolutely thrilled to finish the semester with a 3.75 GPA and head home for Graduation excitement,
Prom, and the beginning of summer jobs! This is when I met this kid, and we became total buds.


We spent every Monday and Friday together… browsing Target, playing with Marley, eating with M, and hanging with my momma! Also got to keep these kiddos for a full three days- and we had loads of fun!!!
The Myatts: Will, Grace Ann, and Hudson
June really began to feel like summer! We had VBS at Grace, a 10 day trip to Virginia that came at the perfect time, and a family get together for my grandmother’s birthday at the infamous Pete & Sams.
While in VA, we had the privelege of seeing Dave Matthews Band live in concert- a once in a lifetime experience. Also spent lots of time at my mom’s best friends, helping her get settled into a new home! I jumped at the chance to do some painting and renovation 🙂
July was busy, busy, busy. Started it off at the lake with the Pedron’s for the 4th…
somehow squeezed in a last minute Destin trip with my fam, Amber (Matt’s girlfriend), Mitchell, and Marley! 
Right around this time, Mitchell launched JML photography… I would boast, but I’ll let you check it out for yourself here. The dudes a natural. I’m just the right hand man 😉
this is how the photographer edits
Enjoyed PDT Summer Rush for Mitchell in downtown Memphis the weekend of the 27th and 28th! It was fun to see some of my sorority sisters I hadn’t seen since May!
& some girl time with Nana- always our favorite! We went to the farmer’s market, ate a great breakfast at The Arcade and just enjoyed lounging around.
I spent lots of time preparing for my house in Starkville and getting to see old friends.
Oldies but goodies, loving on K man!
Also developed an intense Saturday morning brunch habit with the fam. Created memories every time.
At the beginning of August I moved back to Starkville. Into a house this time, with some GREAT girls! (Pics coming SOON!) It has made being away from my family so much easier. I have a place that really feels like home and I look forward to being here every night. Thankful for parents that provide so well for me and are able to support me getting an education.
Early August was filled with Phi Mu pre rush & rush.. long days, late nights, lost voices, tears galore, but all in all we got a great pledge class of 86 girls and so many precious new friends- totally worth it!
The 10th, Mitchell moved to his dorm in Starkville and our relationship finally became non long distance!! Its our first time to live being content (without knowing in this many months I would be gone, etc… we always had a countdown!)
Late August, I finally changed my major. It had been on my mind for a while so I finally completed the process. Let me tell you, 4 stops around campus. If I had any idea t would be that difficult, I would have left it! Only kidding, but I am thrilled to be on the right track to becoming a Child Life Specialist hopefully working at St. Jude or Lebonheur one day. That would be my personal choice, although I am listening to where the Lord leads.
August came to a close with my best friend turning 19… love her to the moon & back!
Happy Birthday LC! && a Saturday trip to Tupelo for time with these two. It turned out better than we could have imagined 🙂 
September has only just begun but it has already brought Mississippi State Football, 
 Phi Delt bid day for M,
Sleepovers & Pancake breakfasts, Labor Day/a quick visit home,
tests galore, and our first Phi Mu swap (Wild Wild West themed)!!
Taylor Lynn 🙂

Whew, all that excitement can wear you out! (For your sake, I had to say goodbye to some pics.. 102 was excessive) But I can’t wait to see whats in store for the rest of my sophomore year..
My mom and Nana are headed to Starkville for a visit tomorrow morning- so I am hitting the hay, but I’ll be sure to
update about that soon!
As always, thanks for reading! & I hope you enjoy your weekend- live in the moment!!

Well, I’m backkk…

6 months since my last post, I’m back with a new look…

Can’t wait to update ya’ll on everything that’s happened since March- expect a major photo dump coming soon! 

From here on out, I plan to take this in a slightly different direction, I want to share my day to day life through more than a picture on Facebook/tweet (of which I have over 2,000- not sure why I think people care to hear that many thoughts of mine!) I am in a place where I want to focus on experiencing and taking in every minute of my life… Living in the moment. I want to share the ups and the downs, the good, bad, and ugly! 

Glad to be back. Thanks for that extra push, Momma! Blogging holds a piece of my heart.
Hope you enjoy!