The Ways He Works

I’m sorry, I’m sorry! That September “I’m back!” message was a total teaser! I am truly back now (for today at least 😉 & here with a new look!! I hope ya’ll like it! I am still getting used to it, but enjoying the simplicity and looking forward to adding some fun flair!

All day today I’ve been thinking on blogging again. When I was blogging a lot (like November 2011-January 2012 ish) I totally enjoyed it. It was like a way of journaling, but a lot cooler. It helped me learn more about myself, improve my writing skills, and just work through things- there is a worlds difference between crazy swirls of info in your head, fingers to a QWERTY keyboard, and black letters on a white page (ergh- screen.)!

So after a few hours of contemplation what to write, when to write, what should my title be (I knew I wanted something new & improved!!)… I gave up. Simply, quit thinking about it.

I went about my not so usual nightly routine while at home for the weekend…

1. retrieving this crazy girl from my parents bed and bringing her to mine —>

Marley Jane

Marley Jane

Gotta stock up on the snuggles for when I am back in Starkville for more school….

2. Read the roll of 17 blogs I read daily. (Yes, good habit because I learn a lot. Bad habit because I spend WAY too much time staring at this MacBook.)

3. Texting this dude. Mitchell and I before the soon to be Schlesinger's engagement party!You’ll be seeing lots more of him as he is the boyfriend, best friend, and an up and coming (extremely quickly) photographer in Memphis. I plan to put his talents to good use for your enjoyment!! aka: gourmet food photography

The blogging came back in my mind when I received a text from him discussing turmoil around the world. He is at a friend’s house and they had been discussing details.

Here’s where my little faith comes in…

I try to avoid talk of “the end” at all cost. I believe it is coming and for that I am excited- Heaven with my Heavenly Father- oh yes! But I am selfish, and easily scared. The unknown gives me an eerie feeling.

I was pretty anxious just thinking about it and praying God would calm me. For I know “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in Heaven, or the Son, but only the Father” (Matthew 24:36).  I kinda laughed at my little prayer and the way I let myself get worked up. I imagined God shaking his head saying “Oh you of little faith.”

I left that at that and moved on… closer to bed… what is that any way? 3 more blog posts read? 7? 2 new blog discoveries? I am a blog-reading-crazy-lady.

Still feeling anxious, I reached for my Bible. Now don’t get me wrong… that sounds pretty perfect “I felt anxious and immediately reached for my Bible..” No. Not usually me (although it should be!). I usually reach for pop tarts. or Lays potato chips. But this time, luckily, the good book made it into my hands.

I turned to Matthew 8. I am reading through Matthew, a recommendation by this lovely lady, to learn about Christ’s life on Earth. Night before last, I had stopped mid way through the chapter at Matthew 8:10 so I started there.

Shortly after I began, Matthew 26 & 27 jumped out at me.. ” He replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm. The men were amazed and asked “What kind of man is this? Even the winds and the waves obey him!

I think I can let that speak for itself as I finally hit the hay.. comforted in the fact that the very man who rebuked the winds and the waves saved me, a young girl of sometimes very little faith.