What’s a Saturday without a project?

If you follow me on instagram (emgracesh), you saw that our family photos we took on Christmas Eve came in!


I am so excited! We ordered a lot for my parents house & I can just picture them on the wall (maybe in a “gallery wall” type idea)! The one thing I’m not looking forward to is the cost of frames… they really add up quick!

Luckily as we browsed Dirt Cheap yesterday just for fun, M found a 16×20 Target brand frame for way cheap! I knew we had to have it!

Today, I headed out to run one errand and once I completed that I knew I needed some more entertainment 🙂 I quickly set out on a mission for more frames & a couple supplies so I can have some of our pictures ready to hang by Friday when my mom gets them! Luckily I found some great deals!

The 16×20 frame yesterday came out to 10.92, sold for $39.99 at Target.- $29.07 saved

The 11×14 I got today at Palmer home was $3.25, usually $29.99.- saved about $26.74

The 8×10 was $1.50, from $12.99- saved me about $11.49

& the spray paint I paid just $4.92 for and 1 can was more than enough for all three frames!



in progress


I’d call that a success, for just $20.92 and under 50 minutes including drying time~ now I just hope my mom loves them!!!

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