Totally Thrown Together Lettuce Wraps

Tonight by the time I was out of chapter at Phi Mu it was almost 8:00 & I was hungry!!


The plan was lettuce wraps and I planned to bake them… but 8 o’clock and a grumbling tummy left no time for 350 and a glass pan… hellooo skillet with some olive oil! I sliced 1 huge chicken breast and threw it in as soon as I walked in the door! (The breasts had been thawing since about 4:00 pm)


I threw about 1 tsp of minced garlic in the pan with both butter and olive oil then topped the chicken with Tony Chacere’s seasoning, salt, & pepper. Everything happened in a rush fueled by intense hunger but the sources say- SUCCESS!


***pictures all thanks to the newly purchased Nikon— check out to see Mitchell’s work! Although tonight’s pics I was actually behind the lens!! Rare.***

While the chicken cooked, I pulled lettuce leaves off a head of romaine and topped with pico de gallo Mitchell made earlier in the week, a bit of sour cream, and shredded cheese.


I whipped up 2 eggs scrambled with a generous amount of cilantro for added protein & yum factor…


Fresh out of skillets came chicken and sautéed onions to finish off our entrée!


We paired them with fresh grapes (with that perfect, crunchy pop I love) & a frozen-to-steamed mix of cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots in cheese sauce. Not the greatest option but it ended up delicious and just quick enough to slide into home before the  “hangry-ness” hit.

20130211-DSC_6925 20130211-DSC_6923

-You’re welcome for that little link those of you who haven’t discovered until now! I’m assuming my mom is going to have a hay day with that and my 16 year old brother!

20130211-DSC_6931 20130211-DSC_6927I hope to make the true food photography, as opposed to iPhone pics, a more frequent occurence around here!