Never Been Excited About Broccoli

Just about every time I eat broccoli, I eat it steamed then get to hear my whole family (or roommates) fuss about how terrible the house smells. That strange smell is what made broccoli an occasional thing growing up. Raw, to me, was never an option only an option when a pound of ranch dressing came on the side.

Last night, motivated by Andie @ Can You Stay For Dinner? , I thought I would attempt to roast broccoli to eat alongside Tilapia Sandwiches Mitchell was making!

And let me tell you….

It was delicious enough to make me fall in love with the plant.

Reminded me of french fries. But better. I’m not kidding.

So divine, I had to have them again today.


I started by pulling the bunch of raw broccoli apart to create smaller, sort of long pieces. I tossed them in a bowl as I went.

Then I gave them a quick olive oil bath followed by a sprinkling of garlic salt.

After laying them out on aluminum foil, which I set a top a cookie sheet, I heavy handidly (is that a word? go with it.) covered them in black pepper.20130220-110718.jpg

In a 450 degree oven, I left them for 15 minutes before mixing them up and letting them roast another 10-15.

This is the most satisfying snack! I truly think I could eat it with every meal like this girl! They are scrumptious all alone. Ketchup just throws in an extra little something, making them more french fry like. (I know you don’t believe me.)


I highly suggest you try a hand at it yourself; you have no excuses when a miniscule kitchen and college budget can whip this stuff up!

PLUS, you’ll never eat a french fry again. Okay, maybe that’s taking it to far 😉

I’m off to take a Communications test with lots of brain fuel!!

Coming Next… A video blog on how to create The Perfect Curl!


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