Oh Me


I am Emily… currently trying to make people use the new nickname “EG”. I seek perfection, though I know it is unreachable. Drink Diet Dr. Pepper, although I know it’s bad for me. Keep a constant to do list, then spend an abundant amount of time doing nothing. Seek my monogram on everything, although I know I am called to humble myself (1 Peter 5:6).. Addicted to Pinterest, blogging, and bargain shopping. Chronic redecorator when my mom is generous, or out of the house for more than an hour 😉 Can’t wait to own my own home someday and get free reign! Always prefer bare feet, cinnamon dusted everything, and never cook without the light above the stove on. I am one of little faith who serves a big, merciful God. He has given me passions for babies, organization, and a love for interiors & design. I hope to share with you my downfalls, my prideful moments, my DIY projects, a thing or two Jesus shows this undeserving girl, my crazy day-to-day stories, and a beautiful homecooked meal or two.

  • HOMETOWN: Collierville, TN
  • CURRENT TOWN: Starkville, Mississippi
  • PASSIONS: blogging, cooking/baking, babies, fashion, shopping (the bargain kind), eating, Marley snugglin’, interior design, crafting, food photography, organization, planning
  • LOVE: compassion, candles, journaling, quiet, coupons, laughs, planners, purses, flavored coffee, frozen grapes/pineapple
  • YUCK: mushrooms, junk, cramps, twinkies, cartoons, anxiety


One thought on “Oh Me

  1. Hi Emily! It’s so great to know that you love the Lord and constantly strive to live for Him. Keep it up and keep shining for Him! Ps: I love all those things you listed too, except for planners because I hate planning things, haha.

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