Time for New Leaves.

I figured out the coolest thing today! A synonym for resolution=determination. How nifty is that?! So— here are my New Year’s Determinations for 2012.

As 2011 rolls out (thankfully!) and 2012 saunters in, I resolve/aspire to do the following things: 

I will have a Morning Quiet Time everyday, with my phone turned off.
I will attend church at least 45 Sundays in 2012. Even in Starkville.

I will not drink carbonated beverages and have only 2 sweetened drinks/week.
I will run 4x each week in training for 1/2s in March and April & continue after.
I plan on slimming down & toning up!

I will complete 3 full semesters/atleast 42 hours (Spring, Summer, Fall) with at least a 3.2 GPA.
I will read 12 non school related/fun books by Jan 1, 2013.

I will write 100 posts in 2012. That means no more week long breaks for me & lots of reading for you!!
I plan to update you at the end of every month on my progress (yes, there will be progress!! every. month.) for NYResolutions!

I will use only one purse for the entirety of 2012. Loving my Camel Coach Chelsea Carry All right now 🙂
&&& use only my Coach planner/agenda. (If you know me, I usually change planners about 37x/year)

Mitchell & I are going to complete our jar slip assignments each week!
-more on my cheesyness with that later 😉

No “ifs,” “ands,” or “buts” about it… at least I hope!! This year will be different right?
This is it. See: Change.

New beginnings are always fun! 🙂 And I am thankful to end this year with so many great friends (and in Pickwick) & start it with them too! See ya next year bloggers! [I am thankful for YOU too!] Here’s to 2012!! 


"How To" is easy, what about the "Want To"?

As Lysa Terkeurst explains in one of my favorite books, Made to Crave (a need to read for any woman!), “It is not the ‘how to’ I am missing. It’s the ‘want to’… really [and truly] wanting to make changes and deciding that the results of those changes are worth the sacrifice.”

This particular quote applies to so many areas of life. Today, my thoughts are on running… in particular, running 13.1 (and someday 26.2!!) In the Spring of 2008, I was MOTIVATED and decided to run track as a high school freshman. After lettering on the Varsity team with personal records of 6:34/mile and 2:43/half mile, I fell in love with running. Not because it is exciting (although it is), or because it keeps you in shape (although it does), but because it made me believe in myself.

In Fall of 2010, I was MOTIVATED and signed up for the St. Jude Half Marathon, but by the time the cold weather swept in and race day drew closer and closer, I never ran, and never showed up that day. I was upset that I allowed myself to get unmotivated..
Once again, I was MOTIVATED in September of this year and signed up to run my first half marathon in Nashville, on April 28, 2012. This time, I am determined; I want to stay motivated and run this race with endurance. I can’t give up… I have the how to, for sure. But do I have the “want to”? (or only the want to give a 13.1 sticker a home beside my Phi Mu one?) 🙂

Can I believe in me again?

April 28, 2012.. 146 days from today.

I want to give a BIG congratulations to all the runners who ran in The St. Jude Half or full Marathon today!! Amazing!! Any good tips are appreciated 😉