Where Have You Been?

I’ve obviously been slacking on my blogging game lately! My mind has gone from being overwhelmed with school after 10 days of Spring Break to being overwhelmed with wanting to go home for Easter! Couldn’t be happier that I will be back in the 901 tomorrow.

Luckily, things around here have been pretty productive! The last two days this  week I managed to get my booty off the couch and onto the hamster wheel for the first two days of Couch to 5k! It feels way better to get my heart pumping (& get the fit bit saying 10,000) than to sit on the couch all afternoon, but that sure is hard to be reminded of while I’m on the couch!


Also, been trying to keep this dude organized aka a full time job! He’s gone from just starting photography around November to booking engagement shoots, business projects (for the Wall Street Journal, what?!!), and multiple weddings! I’ve become the employed assistant since I tend to be more of the planner type.


My Mary Kay business has taken off & I am having so much fun! Just in the past week I’ve had 5 orders placed. And I was able to place my first big order thanks to Mom & Nana! I decided to use my birthday money as a sort of investment to get all stocked with awesome MK products to sell (& use myself too!) Thrilled to open the box when it arrives Thursday & share with ya’ll!

Did you catch that? My birthday is in 26 days.. I’ll be twenty! What on earth? Twenty year olds have it all together… Or so I thought! I feel like that number is way older than I feel!

What happened to being 2 & Baby Bop cakes?

What happened to being 2 & Baby Bop cakes?

There is so much jam packed into these last 5 weeks of school! I can hardly get a steady hold on the fact that in 20 class days I will be saying goodbye to Starkville & hello to Memphis! I can hardly contain my excitement. With summer comes sunshine, swimming, a Virginia trip, a florida trip, & lots of relaxin!

Please take a second to pray for this sweet little dude, Knox. He’s just over 2 years old and we spent lots of last summer together hittin up Target and snugglin’ Marley.

If you follow me on instagram, you already saw that he is at LeBonheur after having a few seizures yesterday for unknown reasons.

Pray for comfort for his momma and peace and healing for his little body. Thank you!


Expect a vlog tomorrow on my favorite products… Not just makeup, but dishwashing detergent, nail polish, & more!

See ya then. xoxo.


I’m sorry I haven’t blogged in a few days.. I have been itching to, but completely indulging in relaxation while in Virginia… Little to no cell phone/MacBook use was heavenly!! 
Here I am again, and I have many blogging ideas on my mind (they are always popping up!) but some advise I received told me not to be so “advice-y” .. “punny”, I know! So I decided to on this one I will just share my life, or at least the last few days of it- enjoy!

Friday: My Mom took Mitchell, Madeline, and I to the MEM Airport for our flight to Virginia. Lenny’s in tow, we were ready for a 1.5 hour flight, a 2 hr layover, and another almost 2 hour flight!

Thanks Momma!

The 3 of us 🙂

Our not so friendly friend. Due to his “preference of an aisle seat to sleep in the entire flight, I sat all alone. If he was a frequent bathroom user, I might have understood his choice, but he was not, and I do not. (It’s probably illegal to post other people’s pictures online… hopefully he doesn’t read random teenagers blogs!)
Finally- We reached VA (and Matt, Mrs. Brenda, and LB!!) at about Midnight. An hours worth of driving later we made it to the house- woo hoo!! Been looking forward to this for months. 
Saturday: We were able to sleep in before meeting Brenda for Mexican and meeting some sweet people at her work! Once we returned home, the day was filled with holiday activities! Everything from dipping pretzel rods (think- burned chocolate x 3), gingerbread people, and fresh baked cookies!

After having a delicious family dinner, we decided to open presents!! I was spoiled beyond belief with Michael Kors, a new ring, Toms wedges, and more from Mitchell on top of Uggs, Hot Sox, Gift Cards, a facial/massage day, and Date Night from Brenda and Matt- whew!! 
 Never imagined- that boy knows me!
 Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

 My favorite part was getting to give M his big gift– 26′ Vizio for his dorm room next year! He adored that thing & I heard over and over, “Hey! Ya’ll know I got a TV?!” Precious.

Almost as precious as this pic. Just love him!

Sunday: Sadly, about 2 am M woke me up telling me he had thrown up 😦 So sad, we got him a drink and went back to bed, thinking it was a one time thing. Little did we know, it was the beginning a a 24 hour stomach bug (+ 24 for me, + 24 for madeline). Luckily, he toughed it out enough for a full day of shopping! Don’t worry, we took lots of breaks- He’s a trooper!! We headed to Pop’s Diner for dinner, but were sad to see they were only open for brunch on Sundays!! Back to the house for pizza and lots of rest!!
Monday: We had big plans- Panera Bread (Grand Opening!), Ice Skating, and Dominic’s. Ahhh… To bad we are as slow as Christmas when getting ready and ended up skipping Panera and going straight for skating! Exited to report I didn’t fall even once!! I went in with the worst expectations… Madeline and M agreed when saying “You’re definetely gonna fall, a bunch.”

So happy to spend Christmas with you!!
Lucky to have a guy who never fails to treat me like a princess!
After skating, we were starving!! & there is no better lunch spot in VA than Dominic’s. The absolute best chain of the World Famous Philly Cheese Steak. Ahhh.. unexplainable!! I wish I had a picture for you, but even a thousand words wouldn’t do this baby justice!!
Back at the house, we were ready to be pampered!! Facials and Massages all around- best Christmas gift everrr!
We ended the night with Water for Elephants (definitely recommend!!), double chocolate chunk cookies, and a bonfire just me and M 🙂

Tuesday: Unexpected wakeup call at 7:30 am… the need to throw up!!! TMI- I know. I spent the whole day in bed, barely moving a muscle. A cancelled nail appointment, 8 saltines, 3 bites of applesauce, 4 sierra mists, and 36 hours later, I was stomach bug free- FINALLY! I have never had a day like that in my life!!! YUCK!! And Poor Madeline got it after me. 
Wednesday: Time for me to head home on my first flight alone!! We got up in time to pack, have lunch at Baker Street with Brenda, shop together in Newport News, and read/drink coffee at Barnes and Noble. Sad to go, but excited to see my momma/daddy/matt/j/etc & ready to have M back in Collierville! (3 days!!!)

If I don’t see you/blog before Sunday, Merry Christmas!! Don’t forget the reason for the season. Jesus Christ, born of a virgin Mary, to save us. 

P.S. I apologize for picture overload!! “This is my life!” See —>http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rbMHLDY1pA